Workbench Server for Lafayette College


Workbench is a GNU/Linux server available to technically oriented Faculty and Staff of the Lafayette Community who need to do webhosting in a traditional Unix setting.


Workbench can ONLY be accessed through OpenSSH Public Key Authentication. If you want a workbench account and have your SSH public key, then you may apply for an account (you will be asked to authenticate with your NetID).

If need to create a public SSH key and you are using Mac OS X, Linux, or other UNIX-based system, then you can use the built in ssh-keygen command. If you are using Windows then see the document Secure Linux/UNIX access with PuTTY and OpenSSH to generate your key using PuTTY. Be sure to provide your key in the appropriate format (RFC 4716) when applying for a workbench account. ssh-key-gen will produce a file called which is in the appropriate format. If you are using PuTTY then you'll need to copy and paste they key from the Key Generator as described in the documentation.

More about Workbench

Lafayette Faculty and Staff can authenticate with their NetID to access a restricted area which contains information on how to use workbench in addition to how to request other possible workbench configuratons.

workbench [at]
May 3, 2011