Maze Router Applet
The Lee Algorithm

This applet demonstrates multilayer Maze Routing. Multiple layers are necessary in routing when connections must "cross over" each other. This applet also demonstrates single-layer maze routing.

To Use the Applet

The routing surface is represented as a set of stacked grid in which each gridpoint can be the source of a connection, a destination of a connection, or a wire that connects adjacent gridpoints (horizonally or vertically). To route connections, follow the prompt and click on the source and destination points. The applet will then show the search performed by the Lee Algorithm and the final connection that is made. You can make additional connections by clicking to select additional source and destination points.

To erase all connections and start over, click on the "CLEAR" button.

If you're interested, here is the source code

For more information about Maze Routing and other forms of routing, see a VLSI CAD textbook such as M. Sarrafzadeh and C. K. Wong, An Introduction to VLSI Design, McGraw-Hill, 1996.

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