Informed Consent Document : Please Read

Project Title Quantifying human performance in an unpredictable target tracking task.
Why is this research being done? This is a research project being conducted by Prof. Alexander Brown at Lafayette College. The purpose of the project is to investigate how humans use vision and motor control to track targets that move upredictably.
What does participating in the research involve?

You will be playing a simple online game. The object of the game is to click the “targets” as fast as possible, starting with the red target. The targets will begin to move once the red target is clicked. You must only click each target once. When finished, hit the “submit” button to send data about your performance to our database. You may play as many times as you like.

No identifying information about you or your computer (e.g. IP address) will be stored.

What are the risks of this research? There are no known risks associated with participating in this study.
Do I have to be involved in this study? May I stop participating at any time? Your participation is completely voluntary. You may choose not to participate at all. If you decide not to participate in the study, you may stop participating at any time. You will not be penalized in any way for stopping or refusing to participate.
How long will the study take? Because the study is an online game, your participation can be as long or as brief as you like. The game typically takes around 20 seconds to “play” one time, and you can play as many times as you like.
What if I have questions? This study is being conducted by Alexander Brown of the Mechanical Engineering department at Lafayette College. If you have any questions about the study itself, please contact Alexander Brown, 518 Acopian Engineering Center, 740 High Street, Easton PA 18042, tel. (610) 330-5417 or at If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject or wish to report a research-related injury, please contact Lafayette’s Institutional Review Board chair, John S. Shaw, III by email at .
Statement of age of subject and consent By clicking on the link that takes you to the online game, you are certifying that: you are at least 18 years of age; the research has been explained to you; you freely and voluntarily choose to participate in this study.

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